Advertising Instructions

Advertising on Sourcer is simple. You submit Ads (images) and Profiles (information about your company). Then you launch an Ad by purchasing a contract which contains one Ad image and one Profile. The Ad image is published randomly in our system to users of the site, and when clicked, takes them to the Profile page. The Profile contains a URL which the user can click to go to your chosen destination, most likely the homepage of your company.

So you need a minimum of one Ad image, and one Profile, submitted to the Ad system. Engaging an Ad placement on the site requires you submit a Contract which lasts the duration of its chosen impression count. When the count runs out, the contract expires.

  1. Provide a 240 pixel x 200 pixel (width x height) Ad image. It must be a JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) file suffix. Max file size 200 Kilobytes (200 KB).
  2. Submit a Profile for your company. This is some basic required information about your company and its offerings. The URL will be where users can click to get to your landing page from Sourcer.
  3. Ad Profiles and Ad images will be approved by site admin to be allowed in contracts.
  4. A Contract is then requested and payment information forwarded to your submitted email.
  5. Upon receipt of payment, the Ad placement is published.
  6. The Ad is placed in a ramdom sequence and will remain active until the allotted impression count reduces to zero. Then the contract is satisfied and terminated.
Want to Advertise? You need an account and to be logged-in, in order to advertise. Please . It is quick.

Requirements & Regulations

  • Your can request for your contracts to be de-activated, however there are no contract refunds, nor transfer of credit.
  • More than one contract can be purchased and active at the same time.
  • Ad images cannot contain audio. No contests published in the Ad image.
  • Ad images cannot be sideways, upside down, and must take up the full dimensions. Must contain legible text, must be clear, not blurry or unrecognizable.
  • Ad images must contain reasonable, unoffensive material. Must not contain strobing, flashing or distracting imagery, or content which might disrupt the site.
  • Ad Profile and Ad image content are both evaluated by Sourcer staff for approval.
  • One presentation on a web page is equal to one impression.