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Sourcer for Companies


Package 1: Bulk Listings

Multiple listings (& optional downstream supply chain companies) for bulk entry into the Sourcer system

Free *

Package 2: Banner Ads

Profile page for company with Company/Campaign description & link to external target URL. Products that qualify for searches displayed in top section of search results. Banner presentation augmented in search results.

$variable as per chosen impression count - see below *

* Prices subject to change without notification, on new contracts only


Significantly increase traffic, sales, and profit, through highly effective online advertising that is second to none. Sourcer brings a brand new advertising tool to the table, and it's quite fruitful.

Advertise: Describe or draw attention to (a product, service, or event) in a public medium in order to promote sales or attendance. Origin: Late Middle English: from Old French advertiss-, lengthened stem of advertir, from Latin advertere ‘turn towards’.

Consumers and businesses are using Sourcer to search for products that you offer. They are local to your business, across the country, and around the globe. Advertising on Sourcer provides a direct way of getting their attention by showing them who you are, where you are, and how your products match their needs. It couldn't be more straightforward.

Becoming a Sponsor on Sourcer is as simple as a banner ad 240 pixels wide by 200 pixels high, of an appropriate image and text. This includes a link to a profile page on this website with a description of your company, contact information and general offerings, and a complete presentation of your listed products. There is nothing more direct.


Taking an ad with Sourcer means your listed products show up at the top of the qualified search results. This means your products get in front of users that are actively searching for your products.

How It Works

Every time an ad is presented to a website user, that is an impression. You buy a certain number of impressions and your total count is reduced every time your ad is viewed.

A user clicks your ad to see your profile, which explains your company and provides a link (chosen by you) to which they can travel to your company website. Any current listings for your company are listed as well (limits apply).

Advertising Costs

  • 1000 targeted impressions @ CAD$21.00 ($0.021 per impression). (This price is subject to change without notice, on newly created contracts)
  • Bulk impressions currently available in groups of 1000
  • Banner placements are based on:
    • First: Searched items whose sponsors are qualified (targeted advertising)
    • Second: Locality-based sponsors (non-targeted)
  • Payment using our eCommerce engine, secured by a Let's Encrypt Secure Socket Layer (Let's Encrypt SSL)

You must provide

  1. 240px wide x 200px tall banner (jpeg only)
  2. You must have a Sourcer account for your company with relevant company information including a company link, a company description, business address, hours and contact info.
  3. Submitted product listings. We have developed a bulk submission system to make this efficient. (see below)

Bulk Submissions

A Bulk Submission Template is used to submit a larger list of items into Sourcer. This makes your advertising more effective with a displayed list of your items. You use one template per location for easy management. If you have larger requirements, pleast contact us to arrange an more technical solution.