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About Us

We are food enthusiasts in a city called Toronto, with a population of millions, over 200 languages, each with an associated culture. World foods show up in our grocery stores and restaurants. Toronto is known as a 'City of Neighbourhoods', many sharing great food experiences. Torontonians definitely chase cultures through their food. But Sourcer isn't solely about Toronto.

This site is a collection of consumer-discovered, and company-posted foodstuffs, organized by GPS location. Language and culture barriers often obscure undiscovered products. The result is a mass of unlisted and unmarketed ingredients and prepared foods, through the full supply chain.

Sourcer's goal is to curate interesting foods and their locations. Sourcer gives users a tool to share incredible finds, as well as a search tool to look for rare, obscure authentic products. Share your found items, and we grow a vast library of products and locations.

But wait, there's more! Some people are into health products. There are farmers. There are small business people. There are chefs. There are brewers, fishmongers, cheesemongers, botanists, pitmasters...

The source of most food: The farm. Everybody down the food chain needs to know what you produce. You produce so people can purchase from you, and your products need to be found. Especially since you farm unique or rare speciality products, you certainly have a marketing message that needs to be quickly found.

You purchase raw materials from various suppliers including farmers. Sourcer is an excellent tool to help you find new providers of the items you need, both for your current production, and new product formulations. As well, Sourcer is an excellent tool to list the products you manufacture so that they can be sold in proper markets, near or far.

You are consistently considering new product offerings from the producers upstream in the supply chain. New product formulations, new food ideas, new trends, all play a part in what you choose to carry. Sourcer broadens the potential product pool by giving you a search engine of interesting items. Downstream, retailers and restaurants are looking for quality service plus new products which give an advantage on thier menu or shelf.

Research is a big part of keeping your menu relevant. Your menu defines who you are. The seasonal changes and new products on the market allow you to stay fresh with new ideas from equally-dynamic providers up the supply chain. Sourcer provides a hugely efficient research tool of provisions, as well as a tool to list your new creations for your customers. Sourcer covers you up and down.

With the changing Food Guide, evolving trends, the new superfoods, and the changing seasons, grocers need to stay abreast of customer expectations. The popular 100-km-diet is properly served through Sourcer, whilst pinning your location on a map for local residents. Your unique shelf items will have your customers telling the world about them, here on Sourcer.

Eating is the hobby nobody's giving up. It's hugely popular. It's probably why you're reading this . You're always searching for ingredients, rare items, favourite items that go missing. You're testing new recipes, learning new international foods, trying the in-season produce, searching for new seafood and cuts of meat, looking for the new microbrew. Sourcer is your go-to.

Our local food is brilliant. We also chase international food experiences across the country. Exporting domestic foods to the world, and importing items we don't produce here, makes for international trade that diversifies food everywhere. Together they satisfy the wonderful broad menus and shelves that make food so absolutely interesting.